How To Make Your Wireless Network More Secure

Many times it happen that people (any geek neighbor or any person with bad intentions) use some advanced techniques to hack your wireless network and use it in unauthorized manner. This mainly happens with those who use poor encryption (WPA) method or having SSID without any password.

It would be great if you hide your router’s SSID so that no one can discover your router while scanning the wireless network. This is a guide to show you method to hide your entire wireless network:

Open anyone of your browser (IE, Firefox or Chrome) and enter in the address bar and press Enter. In case you don’t get the login box then you can check your router’s manual to know the exact address to enter inside the address bar.


A dialog box will appear. Enter Username: admin and Password: password in the required fields.


You’ll see your wireless router’s manufacturer’s page (I use Beetel company’s wireless router). Click on Interface Setup –> Wireless (our goal is to find the wireless settings). In the multiple SSIDs settings change the Broadcast SSID to No.


Also, don’t forget to encrypt your router with WPA2 encryption method. Save the new settings. Now no one can discover your SSID name. Hence, the chances are low that anyone can breach into  your wireless network.


You can secure your wireless network by following methods:

  • Hide your SSID
  • Use strong router encryption.
  • Change the default router’s administration password.

Note: After stop broadcasting the SSID, it can be possible to discover the SSID using some advanced tool.

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