How to Manage Web Addresses and Passwords using the Windows Credentials Manager

Windows Credentials Manager is a simple utility that saves all your important account information from various websites onto the computer so that even if you forget, you can access them from the credentials vault. Credentials Manager also helps users to transfer private data from one computer to another easily and safely.

Lets take a look at how to use Windows Credentials Manager:

1. Go to the Control Panel on your computer and there, you will see an icon for the Credentials Manager. Click on it.

credentials manager

2. When you open the Credentials Manager icon in the Control Panel, you will see 3 main categories in which Windows has divided your credentials to be stored, namely, Windows Credentials(represents the credentials stored for mapped network drives), Certificate Based Credentials (for website related passwords) and Generic Credentials(stored credentials for terminal server or remote desktop sessions).

credentials manager1

3. What a casual user should be concerned with is the Generic Credentials. That is where the information about their accounts are stored. Simply click on the drop down menu to view details of your accounts.

4. Once you have click on the drop down menu, you can edit your information by simply clicking on the edit button below the information displayed.

credentials manager edit

5. To create a new credential, click on the Add Credential button that is present on the right side of each credential tab.

6. When you click on it, a window will open up where you can enter the relevant information about your account like the internet or network address, username and password.

credentials manager2

7. Enter the information and click OK. A Credential will be created and you can view the details by clicking on the drop down menu of that credential.

So, if you don’t like downloading multiple apps that save your passwords or if you simply have a problem trusting them, then Windows Credentials can do it for you.

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