How To Merge And Split PDF Files Online

Let’s say you downloaded a PDF file from the internet and you want to split the files into various small chunks. Contrary you want to merge or join various PDF files into one. For both of these tasks there is a free online PDF merge and split tool available known as Ilovepdf. It is easy to use and free from any clutter. All you need to do is go to the website and upload your PDF files to perform any one of the required action (split or merge).


How to Split PDF files

In case of splitting files you need to upload the PDF file before performing the action. Click on the Split PDF button on the homepage and it will redirect you to the Split PDF page. Click on “Select PDF file” button and select the PDF file from your computer. You can decode the range of pages to split. For example if you want to split chapter 2 of PDF file which starts from page 15 and ends at page 20 then you have to fill the range 15 and 20 in the range boxes. Similarly you can split as many chapters you want.

Note: You can’t split file greater than 8 MB in size. Also after the tool will split the PDF into small parts, the downloaded file will available only for 15 minutes on Ilovepdf servers. After that it automatically vanishes and you won’t be able to download the file.


After selecting the range, hit the “Split PDF” button. The tool will process the file for few seconds and the split files will available to download in the form of zip format. After downloading the file, you can unzip the file with the help of software like Winzip or 7Zip. For example I split a file in three different parts and the output was three small PDF files.


How to Merge PDF files

Merging is same as splitting. All you need to do is to click on “Merge PDF files” link on the homepage. On the Merge page, click on “Select PDF files” button and select all the PDF files you want to merge. You can merge up to 10 PDF files at once but remember that size of each PFD files should be less than 8 MB.

After selecting all the PDF files, click on the “Merge PDFs” button. The tool will start merging all the files and the merged file will available for download after few second (it displays the merging process in the progress bar). Click on the download button to download the big merged file.


This tool is simple to use however the 8 MB restriction makes it bit limited. It can also split or merge password protected PDF files. But you need to provide the password at the time of conversion.

Check out Ilovepdf to merge and split PDF files.

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  1. Another very nice tool to merge and split PDFs online is, which also allows you to select ranges of pages to split/merge and also reorder them before merging. They also allow merging and splitting of larger files than most others.

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