How To Monitor Your Internet Bandwidth Usage

There are several internet providers which offer limited bandwidth plans for their customers. It means you can download limited data (15 GB for example) per month. If you will try to go beyond that then either you’ll be charged per MB download or your internet speed will reduced.

One drawback of using this kind of plan is companies don’t notify you when you cross the data usage limit and you would have to work in the restricted environment (bandwidth capping environment).

There are tools available to monitor the internet bandwidth usage in your computer.  BitMeter OS is one such promising tool. BitMeter OS is a open source, bandwidth monitor which is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. It tracks your internet data usage and show you in different ways.

To use this tool, download and install it on your computer (download link given at the end of article). After installation it will automatically start running in the background and start doing its work.


If you want to know about the data usage, just click on the short icon present on the desktop or open this link. It will open your default browser and show you some options. Click on monitor tab to know about your stats. You can also use command line tools to monitor your connection usage. It shows your current , average and peak speed and also the current internet speed in an interactive graph.

One cool feature of this tool is that you can create alert for certain limits. Suppose your network provider restricted you by 15 GB bandwidth capping, you can set the application to notify you when you exceed more than 15 GB. Pretty cool, isn’t it.


Apart from all these feature, it comes with a nice a nice inbuilt calculator to calculate how long it will take to transfer a given amount with the defined speed.

Overall this is a nice tool to check your bandwidth usage. With easy to use web interface, it is hassle free tool which provides you internet usage data in a simplified and interactive manner.

Download Bitmeter OS to monitor the internet bandwidth usage [via kbhargava].

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