How To Open PDF files in iBooks Using Dropbox Application

iPad has several applications you can download free of cost. iBooks and Dropbox are two of them. To continue with this tutorial download both the apps from Apple iPad app store.

If you don’t know how to use Dropbox then here is a Dropbox guide for you. This is a step by step tutorial to teach you, how to open PDF files in iBooks application using Dropbox.

1. Download and install Dropbox on your computer. Open the Dropbox folder and put all the PDF files you want to open with your iPad inside the folder.

2. As the Dropbox of iPad is synced with the Dropbox of your computer, the files will appear on your iPad Dropbox folder. Tap on Dropbox icon on the iPad. The application will open. Now tap the small Dropbox button given on the top left (check the screenshot below).


3. It will show all the files and folders of the Dropbox, navigate through your PDF file you wish to open. It will start loading and takes few seconds to load the PDF file.

Dropbox iPad ebooks

4. Given below is the screenshot of free PDF ebook offered by Daniel Scooco of Dailyblogtips. After the file is loaded, click on the “open with” button given on the top right corner of the screen.

iPad books open

5. It will display all the installed app on which you can open the file. Select iBooks from the list.

iPad open with

Your PDF file is saved in iBooks. You can read it anytime you want. Tap on the “PDF’s” tab to view all the PDF file saved in iBook gallery.

iPad ibooks PDF

That’s how you can open the PDF file in iBook app with the help of Dropbox. Do you know any other trick to open PDF’s in iBook app without using Dropbox? Mention it in comments.

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2 Responses

  1. Hey,

    Thanks for the tip. I am actually looking for the other way around. I have a buch of books and pdf’s in iBooks that I downloaded whist surfing on my iPad that I would want to upload to dropbox so that I can open them on my mac. Do you know if this is possible as well?

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the tips. I hope you can help me with the next question: I have been given a folder of more than 500 books via dropbox. I started to transferred them with the tip you gave but it is a very long and boring process. Do you know any way to select all of them at once to transfer them to my Ibooks library (from dropbox folder) rather than one by one?


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