How to Opt out of the OS X El Capitan Beta Program

Apple has introduced a Beta program where it allows its users to try out the Beta build of its software, be in on OS X or iOS, a couple of years back. Likewise, a beta program was introduced, both for iOS 9 and El Capitan OS X 10.11 when they were announced at the WWDC. Since then, several enthusiasts have taken to the programs and given invaluable feedback to Apple allowing them to polish the software flaws before releasing the new iOS and OS X updates to public. iOS 9 was released to the public on September 16th (announced on Sept 9th) while OS X El Capitan was made public on September 30th. However, if you are a part of the Beta testing program, your devices will continue to prompt you to install the latest beta build made available.

App Store-17

It is a possibility after juggling with beta builds, you may want to stick to the official release for a while without being disturbed by the notification in App Store to update to another beta build. Doing this on iOS requires you to do a clean install of iOS 9 by entering the recovery mode, connecting your iPhone to iTunes and downloading the official iOS version. Things are a little bit simpler for the Mac though. So, if you are on a beta version of OS X El Capitan and want to opt out of the program, now that the stable release is here, first you need to get rid of the beta version of the OS X.

Make sure you install the latest stable build of OS X 10.11 El Capitan by visiting the App Store. You will need to search for ‘OS X El Capitan’ and download the 6 GB file on your Mac. This is obviously assuming, you have a Mac that is supported. Once you have downloaded the update, just go ahead and apply it like you normally would, and the stable update will override the beta version of OS X El Capitan. You will notice, once you have updated to the final release, you will still have a prompt for the latest beta update, which at the time of writing the post was for OS X 10.11.1 when you are in the App Store. To opt out simply follow the following steps:

Step 1)


Open the ‘System Preferences’ app on your Mac and find the icon for ‘App Store’ in the fourth pane of the settings panel.

Step 2)

app store settings

When you click on ‘App Store’, you will see several option open in front of you which basically helps you decide whether to download the apps and OS updates directly or not. Look carefully and you will see the message stating that your computer will receive beta software seeds. Click on the Change button that is right next to it and you will see a pop up window open.

Step 3)

opt out

In the pop up, you simply need to click on the second option of ‘Do Not Show Pre-Release Updates’. Once you do that and confirm, you can go back and check the App Store, you will have no prompt for updating to any Beta software build for OS X.

It is worth noting that once you opt out of the Beta program for OS X, you will not be able to go back to receiving these updates. In order to do that, you will need to re-enable yourself to be a part of the Beta program when it is launched, which is similar to what it is on iOS 9. This is obviously needless for those who are running the new Macs that will ship with El Capitan or iPhone 6s/ iPhone 6s Plus users who will get iOS 9 out of the box. So, be mindful of the same before you decide to opt out of it.

We hope this little tip would be helpful and allow you to run a more stable software on your Mac after a strenuous experimental phase.

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