How To Pin Files And Folders To Start Menu In Windows 7

Windows 7 start menu gives you instant access to programs, files, folders, control panel and other parameters of the computer. Start menu comprises of two area. First is pinned items area where all the pinned programs are placed, second area is recent programs area where you can see the latest programs opened by you.


You can pin any program to pinned items area by right clicking on its icon and selecting “Pin to start menu”. This is true for all the executable programs. If you try it for any files or folders then you won’t find such option. It doesn’t mean that you can’t pin them to the start menu.

Here’s an easy work around to pin files and folders to the start menu. Go to the windows explorer, then to a folder which you want to pin in the start menu. Now drag and drop it to the start button.


All done. Now check the start menu. You’ll find the dropped folder in the pinned area. Similarly you can drag and drop any file and it will be pinned in start menu.


Click on the folder to open it in windows explorer. Similarly when you click any file then it will open inside the default program.

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