How To Pin Web Apps To Start Menu in Windows 7

Yesterday I told you how To Pin Web Applications To Windows 7 Taskbar. Apart from pinning application to taskbar, you can also send and pin them to the start menu. IE 9 beta doesn’t allow you directly pin the application to start menu. It requires a small tweak. Here’s the process:

1. Open Internet Explorer 9 beta browser. If you don’t have one, download it from here.

2. Now open your favorite web app you want to pin to start menu.

3. Press the keyboard keys Alt –> T –> M.

4. A small window will pop up ask you to add the website to your start menu. Press the “Add” button.


5. Now click on “Start” button and then click on “All Programs”. You’ll see the website logo and name on the start menu.


6. Right click on the web app name and select “Pin to Start menu” from the options.


7. Check the start menu pin item area. You’ll see the icon and name of the web app there. Now you can open DM, @Mentions, favorites, search pages by just clicking the small right headed arrow next to the icon.


That’s how you can pin the web apps to the start menu. Also check Ed Bott’s IE9 power tips.

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