How to Place Facebook Chat on Firefox Sidebar

Facebook Chat is really cool way to connect with your old friends or people you don’t see too often. It is also annoying sometimes but at least it allows you to send instant messages to online Facebook contacts and to the offline contacts also. However I’m not really a fan of the chat bar being at the bottom of the page because sometimes it goes way out of your viewing angle and also its pretty odd always having to look at bottom of your screen in order to chat.

However there may be a scenario that if I have left Facebook, closed the tab or even closed my browser but still wants to continue chatting with my Facebook contacts? If you are using Firefox, you can place the Facebook Chat at the sidebar and then use it to chat. This is an extremely convenient way of Facebook chatting. All you have to do is perform these simple steps:

  1. Look for Bookmarks on the top navigation. Select Organize Bookmarks.
  2. Click New Bookmark tab and enter the following in the fields that follow:
    1. Name: Facebook Chat
    2. Location:
    3. Check Load this bookmark in sidebar.
    4. Launch the Firefox sidebar, click Facebook Chat and start chatting with your Facebook contacts within Firefox.


There are times it might not work for the Windows users, if that is the case do make sure  if you have a problem with the sizing leave off the “.php” at the end of the web address, it will work.

If you know any other tweaks for facebook similar to this one or any other tweak which you might think would be useful to users please let us know. Blogtechnika will not be responsible if your browser gets bricked while using this tweak hence we always recommend backing up your settings before performing any such tweaks.

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