How to Place Taskbar icons at the Center in Windows 7

Taskbar icons are the icons present on the right most of the taskbar. It’ll be cool if you place the icon at the center. Here’s how you can do that:

1. First, create a new folder on your desktop or My Documents folder and name it NTB.

2. Then right click on your taskbar and make sure that your taskbar is unlocked. Uncheck this option to continue.

taskbar lock

3. Now right click on your taskbar and go to Toolbars-New Toolbar. From here select the folder that you created in the first step (NTB).

new toolbar

4. Now right click on the toolbar created on the taskbar and uncheck the options “show title” and “show text”.

5. Now drag the dotted separator all the way back to where the start button is.

7. Then add all the icons you want on the taskbar by dragging them to the right of the dotted separator for the NTB folder.

8. After adding all the icons just drag the dotted separator to the middle and you will get something like this:

taskbar center

Cool huh?!!! You can improve the look of your taskbar by changing the appearance of the icons and even changing the start orb.

This process is simple enough to be done by anybody and you don’t even have to download any type of docks or other accessories that use your computer’s resources. This looks equally good on the desktop.

[via Mintywhite].

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