How to Play Legendary Snake Game on your Android Phone

For most of us, last month was one of mixed emotions. The reason for that being Nokia was no more Nokia. The mobile division of Nokia was renamed to Microsoft Mobile and while it marked beginning of a new journey, it was also a sad to see something most of us grew up with disappearing into oblivion. Nokia has always stood for stellar quality of phones that were always designed uniquely. Some f those designs, even if replicated today will be a super hit. Nokia indeed was the one that connected people and brought them together.

Snake 1102

One feature that everyone must have used on Nokia phones is the legendary game of Snakes. i still remember playing the game on my Nokia 1110 and it felt like the best thing ever. Obviously, mobile gaming has moved to another level since then and we have intense graphics today as compared to bare few pixels in the days gone by. But, if you are feeling a bit nostalgic and would like to go back to the good old days of playing Snake, you can do that on your Android phone.

Snake 1102 replicates the age old experience where you have to move your snake around to feed it and help it grow. The game runs in a B&W like environment and you have to use direction keys on the numpad within the application to give you the exact feel. The game requires you to be on Android version 2.3 and above and definitely deserves a spot on your Android mobile phone. Needless to say, the app is available for free.

Download Snake 1102 for Android here

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