How To Play PacMan Game On Google

On 30th anniversary of PAC-MAN, Google made an awesome doodle which excited the game lovers all across the world. The users can actually play the Pacman game with the help of keyboard arrow keys. But, as you know that Google doodle remains on Google homepage only for a day. Now it has been removed from the home page.

But no problem. Google has made a unique URL for Pacman lovers so that they  can play the game anytime they want. Just go to and start playing Pacman game on Google.

Unfortunately this version doesn’t has mute button, so you can’t mute the game while playing it. It may be annoying to some users. However if you want to play Pacman in multiplayer mode then it has a mute button.

How to play PacMan in multiplayer mode

It’s easy. After visiting, hit the “Insert coin” button to start the game. Then again click on “Insert coin” button. Miss Pacman will appear. You’ll be in multiuplayer mode. Operate the second player with the help of keyboard keys “A,S,D,W”.

Play Google Pacman [via Google Blog].

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