How to Play Playstation 2 Games Easily on your PC

Now you can play your Playstation 2 games on your computer with a simple software download. This is completely legal and is meant for those who have a Playstation 2 but want to play the games on the PC. The Pcsx2 Emulator is an app that can help you do that.

pcsx2pcsx2 prog log

Here’s how to install the emulator on the PC:

1. Download the Pcsx2 emulator from the website given below.

2. After downloading the installer, run it. Wait for the setup to complete.

3. There are some settings which you will have to configure before you can run the software like specifying the location for the save games, location of the games etc. What the app does is emulate the computer to act like a Playstation 2. All the space in the specified folder acts like the space in a memory card that in a Playstation 2.

4. The app will then ask for the BIOS files from your PS 2. If you have a PS 2 then you shouldn’t have any problem with these files. Just copy these files from your PS 2 into the BIOS folder present in the location where you have installed Pcsx2.

5. All your CD/DVD’s of PS 2 can be run through the computer or you can create images of the DVDs and run them by entering the location of the image files through Pcsx2.

Download Pcsx2 here.

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