How To Play Songs Randomly in Your Computer

If you want to play the songs stored in your computer randomly then you can download a nifty Windows application known as ARMP- A Random Music Player. It is made specifically for playing songs randomly. You can add an entire songs folder present on your computer and play it. The tool plays them one by one in a random manner. You don’t need to change the track.

Download and install the tool on your computer. After installing you have to select a folder having songs files in your PC. Click on the MP3 Folder to select the folder. When you select the folder, the tool will display the name of all the songs in the program’s interface.


Click on the Start button to play songs randomly. Don’t forget to check the box next to “Don’t repeat” and the tool will not repeat any songs.


If you don’t like any songs while playing it, you can click on “New Song” button to change the song. There is a pause button to pause the song if you want. You can repeat any song you’d like by using “Again” button. The slide moves along with the progress of song and it tells you how much song is remaining.


There is an option to repeat the song if you want. It supports MP3 as well as WMA files. It will automatically skip to next song if it finds any corrupted file. Overall it’s a nice, clutter free tool to listen songs randomly.

Download Random music player

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  1. Doesn’t get into folders recursively (folders inside folders) plays files which are on the root of the folder you selected. Also, can play files only from one folder. đŸ™‚

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