How to Port ICE Cream Sandwich (ICS) on Nexus S Rooted

Ice Cream Sandwich has definitely been one of the revelations of the tech world since its launch. Be it, the prettiness or be it the wonderful functionality, this new version of android has gone about and rectified everything that was wrong with Android or at least what the iOS fan brigade would complain of. However, the first device carrying the  new Android version is not expected to be out before late November, so in that case, if you are impatient for the beauty of ICS like me, and have a rooted Nexus S then you are in luck.

Let me confirm it to all of you that the Samsung Nexus S will be one of the first smartphones to receive the official update to the ICS, however, do not expect it to arrive any time before first quarter of 2012! So with a rooted Nexus S , it is now possible for you too to run the highly anticipated OS Android 4.0 on it! Thanks to some of the developers at Androidcentral and xda-developers, there is a beta version of the SDK ROM available that would port Ice Cream Sandwich to your Nexus S.

In order to download the ROM please head over to, download the ROM to your PC, and transfer it to your rooted Nexus S device. After you have done that, power your device off, and on it in recovery mode, by pressing the volume up button and power button. Once in recovery, wipe off the user data, dalvik cache and partitions under wipe and then from the SD install the newly downloaded ROM. It takes about 2 minutes to install and another 5 to boot, and your phone then has all the goodness of ICS. There are a few bugs still as this is not the final launch or the official one, it is work in progress but can still be used as your daily driver as most of the things work really work. You can find all the details in the above mentioned thread. So go ahead and enjoy ICS and do let us know how good you found it to be.

(via: XDA Developers).


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