How To Prevent Google Play Store From Adding Newly Installed App Shortcut On Desktop Of Your Android Phone

For all the beautiful things that Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich or 4.1 jelly Bean have bought to us, there have been some really unnecessary things added. One such thing that totally defies logic is the automatic addition of application shortcut of the recently downloaded application to your device desktop. This feature does nothing but totally clutters your desktop. And then you have sit for hours on end and delete the shortcut from the desktop. As a result you lose out on not just time but also drain out the battery of the device if you are a battery conscious guy. So how to get rid of this? A lot of Android users are unaware of a simple few steps that would help you fight this problem. Here is a short tutorial to make sure Play Store does not add unnecessary short cuts to your desktop and clutter it.

Step One: Head over to the Google Play Store on your device.

Step Two: Click on the menu button when you are in the store or the three dots on devices running stock versions of Android ICS or JB.

Step Three: Click on Settings panel.

Step Four: See the fourth option, under general and it would be “Auto-add widgets”. Untick it and you are set to solve your problem.

This is obvious reversible and you can easily go back and check the box again if you want to have those short cuts back. Mind you, you can still add shortcuts to your desktop manually by  just picking the application in the app drawer and then dragging it to the place that you with it to be on the desktop.

Hope this little tutorial helped you to keep your android device clean. Do let us know if you have more tips and tricks.


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