How to Prevent Users to Use Command Line Tool in Windows 7


Windows IT professionals generally use command line tool to quickly perform administrational task like troubleshooting Windows related problems, opening and editing system files. Command line tool is also a quick way to perform other task like copy, paste, delete the file, running scripts and perform other tasks. But sometimes this tool becomes a reason of disaster if it is used with bad intentions. If you are an IT admin in your office then it is good idea to prevent users to access the command line tool. You can block it via using a tool called group policy editor. Here’s how to perform the task:

1. Press ‘Win + R’ key simultaneously and open the run tool.

2. Type gpedit.msc and press Enter. It will open group policy editor.

3. Go to User configuration –> Administrative templates –> System. Click on the system folders so that options can be available on the right pane.


4. Check out the right pane. Scroll down the window to see the option “Prevent access to the command prompt”.


When you double click on the option, a new window will appear. You can read about the details in the opened window. Now click on the circle next to Enabled to enable the option. Now click on OK button.


Now whenever any user will try to access the command prompt, he’ll see the screen as shown in the below given screenshot. Whenever he’ll press any key to continue, command prompt tool will close.


That’s how you can prevent any user to use command like tool.

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