How To Quit An Unresponsive App on iPad And iPhone

Smart Phones today are a proper substitution for our desktops. Smart phones are just as powerful today as computers were say 5/6 years ago which really shows how far phones have come. Yet with this advancement has come plenty of problems that we really associated with only PC’s. Be it malware, crashing of the system or even things such hanging or non responsiveness of the system, devices today pretty much replicate everything that PC did. When an application becomes unresponsive, Android does have a very easy way of closing it, yet this may be a slightly tricky thing to do for iPad or the iPhone. In case you own either of the two devices and it gets stuck on an unresponsive application then you must look to follow these steps.


Step 1) Try and quit the application by clicking the Home button which is the black center button on your iPhone or iPad. Most of the applications when unresponsive would exit you to the home screen, where you can double tap the home button and kill the application using the cross in multi-tasking window.

Step 2) In case the application does not quit to Home that is when things get interesting and little troublesome. If this happens, you must press the power button continuously for a period of time when stuck in an application that is unresponsive and keep the button pressed until ‘Slide To Power Off’ just occurs.

Step 3) Just as the message occurs, let go off the power button and immediately press the home button for a few seconds.

Step 4) Once you do that the application should immediately exit out to the home button.

Step 5) In case even if this does not work, you can power the device off and boot it up again, though it would probably not come to this last step.

Hope this little trick would help you keep running your iPad and iPhone smoothly. For more tips and tricks stay tuned.


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