How To Read PDF Books in Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is amazing e-book reader by Amazon. One missing feature in this device is it doesn’t support PDF e-book format. If you want to read PDF books in Amazon kindle then you have to download a converter that converts PDF into Kindle supported format (.mobi). Auto Kindle is a free software that converts PDF into .mobi format. Download and install it on your computer. It is available for Windows OS only.

On first run you have to configure it. You can choose the default location as the input file location or any other folder you want. Check the box next to “Process PDF Images” to enable PDF image support. Hit the “Save” button.


After you click on the Save button a windows explorer will open which asks you to choose the PDF, HTML, PDF or CHM file to convert it to .mobi Kindle format. Select the e-book file and click the “Open” button.


It will start convert the file into .mobi format and it will take few seconds to perform its action.


That’s it. Now transfer the book on your Amazon Kindle and enjoy it.

How to read Amazon Kindle e-books in your Windows PC

You can also read .mobi kindle books on your Windows PC with the help of tool provided by Amazon. This application is known as Kindle for PC. It is supported by Windows Vista, XP and Windows 7. You need to download and install on your computer. It is available free. But you need a valid Amazon account to use this tool.


Open the converted .mobi file using this tool. Now you can read the file in either the simple looking interface or the full screen. Click on the full screen icon given at the toolbar. There are other options available too to customize the look of the reader.


In full screen mode when you move your mouse slider some icons will pop up. Click on the text icon to get all the options related to text. You can adjust font size, define words per line and adjust brightness of the reader using sliders given in the options panel. Also you can choose the various color mode available such as Sepia or Black (white font and black background).


That’s all about using Amazon Kindle reader for your PC and convert PDF file into .mobi format. Download Kindle for PC.

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  1. Calling the Kindle reader ‘amazing’ is like saying Windows 3.1 was AWESOME. The Kindle app can’t even search for subdirectories. No search by author? Genre? It seems to have no features at all. It does look nice, but that’s about it. And any reader can be configured with the same font and background.
    So are there any alternative app to Kindle that read Mobies, PDFs, TXT, ect? There has to be something better than Kindle, it just doesn’t … do.. anything.

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