How To Recover Accidently Deleted Files In Windows Using Recuva

Many time it happens that you accidently press “Shift+Del” without recognizing the file correctly. What if you lose a very important file. Luckily there are chances that your file is present somewhere inside the hard disk. You can recover it by using certain applications. Before telling the way to recover file I want to tell the easiest way to get rid of such kind of situation. You can use Dropbox to backup and sync important files of your computer.

Recuva is probably the best known application to recover deleted files. It scans your system for a particular type of file and show you all the deleted files within seconds.

Download and install this tool on your computer. It is free application. While installing the tool, don’t forget to uncheck the Yahoo toolbar option.

When you first run it, it will open the Recuva Wizard. Click on “Next” button to proceed for the further step.


In the next step the application will ask you to select the file type you want to recover. If you want to recover any image which got deleted accidently then choose the “Pictures” option. Similarly select other options according to your need. Remember, you can select one option at a time.


Click on “Start” button to start the scanning.


The application will start scanning entire drives of your computer. It display the progress of scanning in the progress bar. Also it shows how much time left to complete the scan process. It also displays your system related information below the title bar.


It will display all the deleted files on the interface. Just check the box next to the files you want to recover and click on the “Recover” button given at the bottom right. Remember that don’t recover the file to the same drive on which it already exist (it can reduce the chance of successful recovery).


All done. That’s how you can use Recuva to recover accidently deleted files. Do you know any pother faster tool to recover files. Mention them in the comments.

Note: Recuva is not a magic. It is a program which finds file left on the system drives. The chances of recovering the file is not 100% because it might be possible that the deleted file may get overwritten. But it is true that in most of the case you can recover the file even if it is get deleted from the recycle bin.

Download Recuva.

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