How to Refresh your Facebook Feed in Paper?

No shame in admitting that Paper is probably the best way to explore and browse Facebook for me personally. It has replaced the Facebook iOS application on my iPhone and I have not gone back to the application. The ease of viewing the content coupled with enormous information available thanks to the several feeds you can subscribe to has actually made browsing facebook productive which maybe a month i would never have dare thought forget say. But with Paper, things are different and I have spent probably more time on facebook than I must have in the past three years.


But, one issue, that I did come across, which I am sure several of those who are using the facebook Paper app is how to refresh the timeline. In the Official app you simply need to pull to refresh to get the latest news in the feed, but if you do the same in paper, it would take you to the settings page of your profile on Paper. So, unless you are on a high speed internet connection where the app auto refreshes, you need to manually refresh the feed. To do this is very simple, just slide the window from left to right, just the way you would have otherwise pulled down. You basically have to pull to right and bang, you will have the latest articles updated within the feed.

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