How to Remove Facebook Timeline Completely

Some of us truly hate the facebook timeline. We really had a heartbreak the very day timeline was made compulsory for everyone using facebook. Some of the users even deactivated facebook accounts because of the timeline feature. Timeline made it extrememly easy for people to stalk your entire life on Facebook. it became rather easy for everyone who was never a friend in 2009 to go through and read all your posts. It kind of killed the meaning of privacy for a lot of people.

So we decided its high time this feature should be disabled. there are plenty of tutorials on the web that promise to deactivate timeline but honestly speaking not many of them work. One of the methods that worked for us more often than not is here. This  is a guide to remove facebook timeline. We do recommend you to back up your browsing data and everything else before you try this just in case something goes wrong. So lets quickly tell you the steps:

  1. Open your Firefox browser
  2. Install User Agent Switcher Add-on in it.
  3. Once it has installed, restart your browser.
  4. Navigate to tools.
  5. Then Default User Agent.
  6. Then Internet Explorer and Choose Internet Explorer 7.
  7. Now login to your Facebook Account.
  8. Open your Profile page.
  9. It will open in the older layout but you may get additional white spaces in it.
  10. To remove these spaces just install FB Purity Extension in your browser.
  11. That’s it! Just refresh and your old profile layout is back!!

So that was a very simple way of getting rid of Timeline. Did this method work for you? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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