How to Remove Password Protection From PDF Files

Very often we password protect our important PDF files to prevent it from misuse or this is a very good solution. If you are using a public computer and you don’t want others to read your documents. But if you have a large collection of such file, it is not convenient to type the password separately for each file.

BeCyPDFMetaEdit. is a free software available that can remove the password from from your Pdf files without changing the content of the file so that you don’t have to enter the password repeatedly. Here is the procedure to remove password protection from the PDF file:

1) Download the software.

2) After download is completed, install the software and launch the executable file.


3) When the software window opens, it will ask for you to select the Pdf file. Before doing so, select the option “Complete Rewrite”.

4) Now select the Pdf file and click on Open.

5) After you open the file, go to the Security tab and select the option “no encryption” from the drop down menu.


6) Save the file. This will remove the password from your PDF files without affecting the contents of the file. Also the application is very small in size and installs in no time.

Apart from removing password protection, it also has options to edit metadata about author, title, subject and keywords of the document.

Download BeCyPDFMetaEdit.

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