How to Remove USB Drives by Right Clicking on a Desktop

You may sometimes get bored by having to navigate to the system tray in Windows every time you have to remove a USB drive from your system. It would be convenient if you could do this by simply right clicking on the desktop to find the option to remove your hardware in front of you. Now you can have this option with a few tweaks to your registry. Here’s how its done:

safely remove

1. First go to the Start menu and in the search bar, type “regedit” and hit enter.

2. In the regedit window go to this location below:


regedit shell new

3. Here, right click on the Shell folder, go to New and then go to keys. A new folder will be created within the Shell folder. Name this folder “Safely remove hardware”.

4. Once the new key is created, click on the Safely remove hardware key and in the box on the right side, right click on the empty space, go to new-string value and type in Icon.

regedit string

5. Double click on the Icon string created and in the value data field type in the following:


6. Now right click on the Safely remove hardware key you just created and create a new key inside it called Command.

safely command

7. Under this key, you will see a value called Default. Double click on the value to edit it, and in the data field, type in the following:

C:\\Windows\\System32\\control.exe hotplug.dll

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to remove your hardware directly from the context menu on the desktop with a simple right click.

[via HowtoGeek].

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