How To Rename Folders And Tags In Google Reader

Renaming folders in Google reader becomes easier. According to Google reader official blog you can easily rename the folders and tags. Some times ago, I wrote a method to rename Google reader folder on my other blog Guiding Tech. This method was not so easy to implement.

Here’s an easier guide to rename folder in Google reader.

Method 1

1. On the subscription list, click on the context menu button given next to folder name. Select rename folder from the context menu.

2. Give a new name to the folder and click on OK button.

Method 2

1. Go to Google reader settings.

2. Click on Folder and Tags tab.

3. Click on rename button given next to folder name.

4. Give a new name to the folder.

That’s it. Your folder name has been changed. This is the most demanding feature in Google reader. Thanks to the team of reader that they implemented it finally.

[via Google Reader blog]

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