How To Repartition Hard Disk on Windows 7

If your PC comes with preinstalled Windows 7 with only one disk partition, i.e. C drive then you can create a partition to manage the disk space. You don’t need to install any third party application. It can be possible with the help of Shrink feature in Windows Disk Management.

Creating partition is a two step procedure. First you have to shrink the partition (or create unallocated disk space) and then create a new partition by assigning it a drive letter. Overall you don’t need any additional disk to create new partition. Windows allows you to make use of primary partitions or logical drives by  shrinking and allocating drive letters. While creating new partition (shrinking process), files are automatically relocated on the disk to create new unallocated space (some file exception exist).

Click on Start button.Right click on Computer and then click on Manage.


On Computer Management window, click on Disk Management given on the left pane. On right all the partition (or volume) will appear.


Right click on the hard disk partition for which you want to create a partition. For example, in the screenshot given below I tried to create a partition of F drive having 65 GB of space. I right clicked on F drive and then clicked the option Shrink Volume.


Windows will start the process of finding how much space is available for shrink.


Within few seconds you will get the size of available shrink space. Windows provides you option to enter the space manually. You can only enter the amount less then available shrink space. After filling the required amount of space, click on Shrink button.


It will take some time to create an unallocated space. After some time you’ll see the new unallocated space (black strip at the top). You can easily notice that there is no drive letter assigned to the unallocated space.

Note: You can only shrink volumes that having no file system or NTFS file system. Also if you are shrinking partition having no file system then chances are high that your data might get destroyed.

unallocated space-windows

How to create new simple volume from unallocated disk space

After creating the unallocated space it’s time to create a simple volume. You can easily create simple volume and assign drive letter by following some easy steps. Here are they:

Right click on the unallocated disk space and then click on New Simple Volume.


New Simple Volume Wizard will open. Click Next.


It will display the maximum and minimum disk space you can specify for the new volume. After selecting the required space, click Next.


Now assign the drive letter using drop down. You can’t assign those letters which are already assigned to hard disk partition or disk drive. After selecting the drive letter, click Next.


In the next step you have to format the drive using NTFS or FAT file system. After this procedure you can store data on the newly created partition.


That’s it. You’ve successfully repartitioned a volume of your hard disk.

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  1. I want to create a new simple volume so I did all this steps then when i click finish
    this message appeared :
    the operation you selected will convert the selescted basic disk to dynamic disk . If you convert the disk to dynamic , you will not be able to start installed operating systems from any volume on the disk . Are you sure you want to continue ?
    I clicked : Yes
    then another message appeared :
    dynamic disks are not supported by this operating system or server configuration.

    can u help me with this ???!!!!!

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