How To Reset Blackberry Without Pulling Out Battery

Blackberry still remains an extremely attractive device to all those office going people who are always hooked on to their E-Mails. Despite the emergence of Android, iOS and WP7 as the leading operating systems for devices, we still firmly believe that nothing handles E-Mails as well as an old house Blackberry. However, there is always one issue of resetting a Blackberry in case it gets stuck.

Due to the old hardware specifications and low configurations, it is not a rare sight to see a Blackberry hang. Very often we see that little circle going round and round, and it just goes on forever. You know your phone is stuck and if you have an urgent call to make or want to prevent your battery from being unnecessarily being consumed the first reaction is to pull the battery out after opening the back compartment. We do not recommend this method. Also, usually your phones are well put inside the cover so to do this, you have to take all the layers of protection off. A quick way to rest your Blackberry device is by pressing the following keys together:


After you keep holding these keys for about 3 seconds, your device will restart just like it would when you first popped the battery in. Also note, this does not delete any settings or data that is saved on your device. It merely reboots your phone but if you were in the middle of composing a mail or text, that maybe lost.

i hope this little tweak would help you as you use your Blackberry. If you have more such Blackberry tips, do let us know.

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