How to Reset Your Browser Settings Affected by Malware

It happens many times that browser settings of your internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer get changed because of malware. The main aim of these malware is getting information from your computer. These malware generally change the homepage and default search engine of your browser. Also it affect your computer’s network settings such as DNS settings.

To overcome this problem you should check out a tool known as Anvi Browser Repair Tool. This tool can perform many actions which can easily bring back your browser settings. You can restore your browser’s title bar and home page, block unwanted Windows startup pop up, and restore browser’s default search engine.


Apart from all the above mentioned things, you can also network related items such as DNS, enable internet options, repair file associations, repair IE default path and many more.

This tool is available for all the three major browsers, i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. You should check it out if you are facing any issue with your browser.

Download Anvi Browser Repair Tool.

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