How to Reset Your Chrome Browser to Default Settings

‘Did you try and Reset your device’? That is one of the most common solutions that you get whenever there is a troubleshoot. Surprisingly, it is one solution that just about every time seems to work, at least if the issue is a software malfunction. Chrome is probably the most famous web browser out there but on more than one occasion in the past we have had issues with frequent crashes and things like that both on Mac and Windows.

A simple reset of Chrome though just about solved the issue everytime. So if you have had a corrupt installation or by mistake installed a malfunctioning extension which cannot be deleted, this is how you can easily Reset Chrome to its Factory Settings.

Step 1: Open Chrome, and go to the settings page from the right most button on your Browser.

Reset Chrome

Step 2: In the Settings pane, click on Show Advanced Settings.

Reset Chrome-1

Step 3: Scroll all the way down in the list and there you will see the option to Reset the browser.

Remember this method will clear everything from the browser including the settings as well as all the extensions and leave the browser as it was right installed from the package.


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