How To Run All The Popular Browsers Online

If you are a developer or designer then time to time you test your website on various browsers. It requires install all the popular browsers and open them one by one to get the testing done. Of course it is a tiresome job. Spoon offers a nice web service that lets you run all the popular browser directly from the web. Yes, you can run Firefox inside Google Chrome.

It means when you open the spoon website in any browser, it will show all the available browsers. Click on the required browser and it will run the browser directly from the web. No need to install it. One thing you should need before testing the browsers is spoon plugin. It is available for Windows computers.


Go to Spoon, click on the install plugin option which appear at every browser thumbnail. It will download the plugin on your computer. Install it. Now you are ready to use. Just click on the green play button which appears on every browser thumbnail. A new browser window will open. You can open any website in the new Windows.


You can’t change browser settings inside the opened browser. For example, I opened Firefox browser but I couldn’t get any menu options and plugin options. But you can open any website inside the browser an know that the website is browser compatible or not.

The available browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Check out Spoon Browser Sandbox [via TinyHacker].

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