How to Run Chrome in Desktop Mode in Windows 8

If you are Windows 8 user, you are definitely surprised with the behavior of Google Chrome browser. In Windows 8, Google Chrome runs differently, as a Windows 8 app. When you click on Chrome icon on Windows 8, it will launch an app, but you won’t get taskbar, maximize, minimize and close buttons on Chrome. So if you want to close the browser you have to use keyboard shortcuts (Alt +F4).

Also, if you want to open incognito mode, you can open it via shortcut key (Ctrl+Shift+N), but you won’t find switching option to switch between incognito mode and normal mode. On Chrome, you’ll find an icon  Window switcher at the top right corner, clicking on this icon will let you switch between two modes in Chrome.

Chrome Desktop Mode

Here’s how you can easily switch to Chrome desktop mode from Windows 8 app mode and use your browser same like you use in Windows 7 OS.

Click on the Chrome menu button Chrome menu.

Now click on Relaunch Chrome on the desktop.

Immediately Chrome will relaunch in desktop mode and you’ll get taskbar and all the buttons back. Easy, isn’t it.

That’s how you can easily switch between desktop mode and Windows 8 app mode in your Windows 8 computer.

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