How to Run Google Glass on your Android Smart Phone

We all are well aware that you can mod your Android device to suit your mood or preference. You can actually change around how your device looks like entirely by installing a couple of files here and there on your Android devices. Using mods or installing launchers can totally give your Android device that makeover to look like a brand new device. In the recent days, one gadget though that has been making all the headlines is Google Glass. People all over the internet are writing about it, wearing it to shower, posting images from it and generally loving the device. So, for me and you who do not have the Glass yet, would it not be cool to get a peak in the world of Glass and experience the same interface like glass on your Android device?


So, if you are up for a little experiment and have some time on your side, in a very simple couple of steps you can enjoy a little sneak preview in the world of Google Glass and how things are there. One of the developers actually pulled out the system dump files from Androidpolice and compiled them into an APK which you can install on your Android device.

To get the Glass experience, all you have to do is head over to this page and download the four APK files from there. You have to transfer these files to your Android device and simply install them like any other application. You will get the Glass Home Launcher which like any other launcher can be accessed by clicking on the Home button and selecting Glass Home. Although, the experience is fairly minimal and there is not too much you can do apart from order the Glass to take an image or show map, it is a step into the fascinating world of Google Glass. You can easily uninstall these apps by going to Setting, and in applications finding them and removing them away like any other app.

Image Credits: CNET


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