How to Run Linux on Your Web Browser

So here comes the mind blowing news. Now you can run Linux on your web browser. You don’t need those freaky dual boot systems or any virtual machine to run Linux on your system. All you have to do is having latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer browser. Open a website made by a geek Fabrice Bellard, which allows you to run almost all the crucial commands you can use in Linux. The best part is, you can open and use the website on your iPad too.


This emulator is one of the finest example of the power of Java script. The application runs all the crucial commands like pwd, cd, ls, cp, rm, mv, mkdir, rmdir, vi, cat, touch etc. While trying the app, I found that it lacks some of the advanced commands cron job command, daemon processes, init and many other advanced commands. But for beginner Linux users, it will be a great fun.

There are following devices in this emulator:

  • 32 bit x86 compatible CPU
  • 8259 Programmable Interrupt Controller
  • 8254 Programmable Interrupt Timer
  • 16450 UART
  • Real Time Clock.

This emulator is supported by following browsers

  • Firefox 4.x
  • Chrome 11
  • Opera 11.11
  • Internet Explorer 9

Try out Linux Emulator at

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