How To Save Facebook Chat History In Chrome And Firefox


Facebook chat is a nice way to chat immediately in the Facebook interface and stay connected with friends and family members. But there is a prime problem in a Facebook chat that unlike Gtalk chat, it can’t be saved in the Facebook history so that you can view it later.

There is a Firefox and Chrome addon known as Facebook Chat history manager that let’s you save your Facebook chat history in the cloud as well as locally in your computer so that you can view it anytime you want.

First go to Firefox addon page and add it to Firefox. Restart your browser. Now add the addon to the Firefox browser. After installing, restart the browser.

Login to your Facebook account. Go to Tools –> Facebook chat history manager –> Get Facebook ID.

If you won’t find Facebook chat history manager option under tools then go to Tools –> Add-ons –> Facebook chat history manager and click on the “Enable” button if the add-on is disabled.


A new window will pop up telling you to close the window and return to the application. Click on “Close login window”. Your Facebook ID will pop up. Copy it in the clipboard.


Now go to Tools –> Facebook Chat History Manager –> Create Account to create a new account.

Note: This is to create a new Facebook chat history manager account, not your new Facebook account.

create account facebook

Type your Facebook ID, login name and the new password for your Facebook chat history manager account. Click on “Create” button.


A small pop up will appear telling you that your account has been created successfully. Click OK button.


Now go to Facebook account and chat with your friends. Your chat will be recorded and you can view the recorded chat anytime you want. There are two ways of viewing chat.

1) Online: Visit view chat history.

2) Offline: Press “Controll+Alt+F” keyboard shortcut to open chat history window. You need to login with your username and password. Fill your chat history manager login credentials in the space provided. Press OK.


You can view the chat history in your browser. On left, you can view your friend’s name. Click on it to see the entire chat history. You can click on the links given on the top to sort the chat according to yesterday, last week, last month and last year.


That’s how you can save chat history of Facebook in Firefox. In Chrome the process is bit similar. Do you know any other method to save Facebook chat history?

Download  Facebook Chat history manager for Firefox and for Chrome.

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  1. Ya, very same question like Rajitha that will it work if somebody chats on different different PC’s……….like in office PC and his own Laptop at home……

  2. Hi,

    Can i see my chat history if I have looged into my account and chatted from the other system supposingly in office, and i want to see the chat history at home in my desktop??? will I be able to see that chat??

    • no you can not if it is deleted. but why you need chats which you have urself done as you know what you chated.

      if you are spying someone then ask him/her will be a better option.. all the best..

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