How to Save Instagram Photos to your iPhone Without Posting Them

Instagram is one of the most popular applications out there for iOS and Android. People today refuse to eat something or unbox a new gadget until they have put a picture of the same on Instagram. The simple UI of the application and filters that are extremely easy to apply in order to edit the images are a reason why Instagram has hit a terrific note with the users right from the word go. But what if you want to apply a filter to that special image of yours in the photo gallery but do not want to share it with everyone? Just want to keep the image privately in your photo gallery? In that case, here is a little trick that you can do in order to save the image without sharing them on Instagram.

Everybody knows that Instagram saves a copy of your image when you post a new image on the application, and this is the feature we take advantage of here.

Step 1) Set your iPhone in Airplane mode for a minute. Make sure you do not turn Wi-Fi on accidentally.


Step 2) Head over to Instagram and use the application like normal. Click on the camera button to take a new image or simply choose one from the gallery and apply the filter you wish to apply.

Step 3) Making sure all the connections are off, now simply click to upload the image.

Step 4) Obviously the upload will fail, but check in your Photo gallery, the image would have been saved with the filter.


So that’s a very simple way of saving Instagram images to your Photo gallery without having to share them. We hope this little tip was useful to you. Do let us know.

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