How to save your eyes from computer

Are you a computer user who love to spend more than 6 hours in front of computer daily? Then be alert! Your eyes are in heavy risk! I am not telling these things to create any panic. This is true and medically approved that working more hours in front of computer can cause damage of eye sight.

Previously I wrote an article Is Blogging is an invitation to Doctor where I told you about disadvantages of spending more time on internet. Now I am going to tell you how your eyes effected from long usage computer and how to save your eyes from computer?

Yesterday while researching on internet I found a fantastic article How to save your eye sight from heavy or prolonged computer usage written by Evertheson. I want to share some important points with my readers.

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These are some disadvantages quoted on Evertheson’s article

1) Continuously focusing at near objects (reading and staring on the screen) causes the eyeballs to adapt by altering its shape-becoming fatter and more circular (forgetting far focusing)-a condition referred to as being short sighted.

2) This usually comes together with a condition called dry eyes -eyes failing to produce enough tears leading to dryness, friction, irritation of the eyes and blurred vision.

3)In simpler terms continuous and repeated staring results in the tear ducts sought of losing the frequency upon which to produce tears resulting in a condition called dry eyes


1) Light Condition: Make sure that light condition of your room or office is good so that your computer light should suppressed. Use energy-efficient CFL bulbs (Compact fluorescent lamp) in your room. Make sure light from your computer should low from light from fluorescent bulb.

2) Open Space: Your computer should not place in front of a wall. There should be open space in front of a computer. Placing computer behind the wall brings a tension and pressure to the eyes.

3) Screen Brightness: Adjust the screen resolution of your computer according to your eyes comfort.

4) Take a break: Take a regular break after working each hour of work. Working continuously cause your eyes prolonged of danger.

5) Font size: Adjust the font size of your computer according to your ease. Use   Ctrl+Up/Down button of your keyboard to adjust the font size

6) Schedule you work: Make a proper schedule of your computer work. Make sure your work schedule should be combination of computer and non-computer work. Give a proper break to your computer work after a regular time interval.

7) Quit Smoking: Though this tip is beyond computer usage but it is very important to follow. According to research smoking harms the delicate tissues of the eyes and increases chances of developing cataracts and AMD.

8 ) Monitor Position: You should work one arm away from your monitor and below eye level.

Apart from these precaution I highly emphasize on regular medical check up by a Doctor. Remember that precaution is always better than cure. If luckily your eyes are in better condition then don’t take it normally.

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  1. Hello due,

    Very usefull information shared hear, now a days this is the major problem to all of our friends like who are using the computers.., Thanks for this usefull post 😉

  2. Thanks for the mention, Himanshu.

    For my case, the natural sunlight flooding into my room during the day is often too bright. So I always need to draw the curtain, otherwise the glare and amount of light bouncing off the screen makes my eyes tired easily.

    I also do eye rotation exercise before I sleep each night. It’s described in my article you’ve linked to above. As you’ve mentioned, staring at the screen locks the eyeballs in a fixed position for too long is harmful for the eyes. By rotating your eyeballs, you’re actually exercising your eyes, making them stronger and more flexible. Hope this helps you and your readers. Thanks.
    .-= The Conscious Life´s last blog ..Chronic Stress & Inflammation: The Perfect Formula for a Heart Attack =-.

  3. light conditions and brightness are major concern for every blogger and it should be keep in mind while working in front of computer
    .-= Vivek´s last blog ..10 Photshop Tutorials Resources =-.

  4. Eyes are the most important thing in this world. And blogger should care more about them.
    .-= Rahul´s last blog ..CPM Websites For Publisher =-.

  5. font sizes and screen brightness are two most important things for me….
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  6. Thanks for introducing the article. Please correct the title of the post as “How to protect your eyes from computer?”
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  7. I am definitely guilty here. Normally in front of a computer for more than 6 hours a day. I do try to keep lighting and things like that at a safe level, but taking a break is a tip of yours that I should do more often.

  8. Hi ,
    you are given very useful information. now a days mostly everyone facing this problem. I am also facing this problem I work more than 8 hours daily on computer I am also facing the same problem . thanks a lot for this…

  9. Hi ,
    very good useful information given. maximum people used computer every once faced this problem and good learn how to protected our eyes

  10. hi..
    can some one help me for how to get rid of eye twiching … am a website developer designer .. I frequently check my eyes but doctor says u have no number or any problem .. but since last one month am having this eye twiching problem .. pls help me good excersize or any medication if so..and ofcorse give tell me the reason why is it twiching continueously i need to ware ARG Anti reflected glasses… Pls help 🙂

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