How To Save Your Smart Phone In Case You Wet It

One of the most common methods of screwing up your extremely precious and expensive gadget is by dropping it in to water or splashing water on your gadget. Yes you must be extremely careful with your devices but there are certain situations where you just can not help. What if you are walking down the streets of Mumbai and all of a sudden there is a massive downpour which are a characteristic of the city and your brand new iPhone 5 gets horribly wet and you are left wondering what to do next. If you have been in similar situations before and chances are you would be in future, then here are the steps you must follow to rescue your expensive gadget.


Step 1) Do not connect your device to any power supply. Working or not working never connect your device to any sort of power supply. This way you prevent any sort of short circuiting or blowing away the internal boards of the phone. Do not shake the device too much, because there is a possibility that the water may seep in deeper and cause more damage than initially feared.

Step 2) Take off everything from the device that you can. If you have a smart phone that has removable components such as back panel or battery or even microSD card, then take them all off, as many things as you can take them off without removing any screws.

Step 3) Suck Up using Vacuum cleaner. Use a narrow nozzle vacuum cleaner to try and take the moisture off. Keep the setting to medium or low and do not apply full thrust on the device. It may belt your display.

Step 4) Dry the device. This is the most important step. Dry the moisture off by putting the device for 2 days in a bowl of rice. But even better is to use rice krispies. You could also use packets of silica gel as agents to dry the moisture.

Step 5) Avoid using any hair dryers or heaters or even microwaves to dry off the moisture form the device It actually would end up raising the temperature of your device which could lead to damage of components inside.

Step 6) Once done with all these methods, re-assemble your device and hopefully it would be fit to work and boot up again.

If despite using these methods, your device does not switch on, then you have to take it to an authorized dealer and get the device checked and there is no other way out. We hope though, using these little tricks your device could be bought back to life. DO let us know your feedback in the section below.

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