How To Easily See All The Facebook Privacy Exposures And Quickly Fix Them

I am sure you guys already faced some problems in configuring Facebook privacy settings. For normal PC user, it is hard to find all the privacy settings at one place. Many times a person leaves his Facebook traces open to all so that anyone can view his private information such as friends, family, relationship status, photos, videos and other private data.

Facebook also know this thing and probably it is going to made a big change in the privacy settings.

Thanks to to make such a nice bookmarklet by which you can easily check all the Facebook privacy settings and if found any vulnerabilities then easily fix them.

1. Go to You can find Scan for Privacy button there. Click on it and hold your mouse left button and drag it to your browsers Bookmarks Bar.

scan for privacy

2. Open and login with your credentials.

3. Now click on the bookmarklet which you dragged to bookmark bar in previous step. A frame instantly appears at the top of the page, below address bar and it displays all the privacy settings along with their level of privacy.

4. You can click on buttons given next to them to instantly fix the insecure settings. In the below screenshot you can see that Instant personalization is insecure and some of my friends, tags, and connection information is exposed to the entire internet. Click on “Friends, tags and connection settings” link.

facebook privacy

It will redirect you to privacy settings page. On the drop down given on the right, select “Friends Only” so that only your friends can see the information regarding to you.

facebook privacy1

After fixing the friends, tags and connection settings, click on “Re-scan” button given on the frame.

facebook settings

If all the buttons will show “secure” tag (green color) then your Facebook privacy settings is perfectly configured and you don’t need to worry about intruders.

privacy scanner

Do you know any other method to easily configure Facebook privacy settings? Share them in the comment section.

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  1. A lot of buzz is coming regarding the privacy of facebook. Will facebook will became the prime target of hackers

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