How to select the best laptop?

Although the tablet industry is booming and has a promising future still laptops will be around for a long time. Tablets with all the requirements users want are not out yet. Laptop is almost inevitable nowadays for college goers and also the middle aged working class. With the world going tech crazy and relying so heavily on the web and Internet a portable computer or laptop is a common purchase these days.

So what features should not be missed and what points to keep in mind  while selecting a laptop?


It depends entirely on the type of guy you are, the work you do and what for your laptop will be used. If you are always on the go and travel a lot then a 13.3 inch will do. If you love small and cute ones then you can even get smaller ones called ultra portables. If you want to use it mainly as a home pc and love big screens with then you should get at least 15.6 inch with a resolution of 1366×768. Remember over bulkiness might be an issue.

Battery life

If you are a heavy user, like relying on wireless to browse and stream videos and stuff then it should be good for at least 3 hours on a single charge. Laptops with excellent battery life of 5-6 hours are also available.


With life becoming uber fast and invention of super fast computers you should not be a primitive man with slow speeds. So a minimum of 2 GHz is a must. Dual processors have an edge and even quad cores are available. Make sure that the heating problem is not there.

Memory or RAM

A 4 GB RAM has become standard these days. But if you are not interested in high end games and only limited to working on documents an textual data then 2-3 GB is also enough.

Hard drive

Aim for a 500 GB one. You never know the amount of data you may have to store and deal with. Moreover even the image sizes today are in MB’s thanks to the high end cams. Also make sure to get a 7200 rpm disk drive.

Video card

Go for the discrete rather than integrated video card. A proper video card ensures the smooth and perfect presentation of HD quality videos. Gamers go for higher values.


It’s better if you get the recently popular island variation type with the buttons set apart from one another. Floating type is also good. A comfortable sized trackpad with good sensitivity is a must.

Sound system

Don’t fret a lot on the sound system of the laptop. Remember you don’t have to wake up your neighbors and neither is a laptop built for this reason. But nowadays Dolby digital and srs surround sounds have come up so you might get quality sound. But remember you can always add external subwoofers and audio systems with USB input and they are quite economical as well.

Remember don’t get talked into features you will never use. Choose wisely and be economical. Get the basic requirements first and then think about the other secondary aspects and features.
Hope these points will help you select an ideal laptop best suited to your needs.

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