How To Send Multiple Photos At Once From iPhone Via E-Mail

iOS 5 was probably the biggest jump that we saw in terms of bringing something new to the table as far as the iPhone is concerned. The number of new features that were introduced during iOS 5 was remarkable. However, most of these features were fairly essential ones and the ones that were glaring omissions from previous releases of the iPhone OS. One such features that most people still are fairly unaware of about the iPhone is the ability to send multiple images at once in an E-Mail. Before iOS 5 you could send just one image per mail and that was suffocating, however, you can send upto 5 images in varied sizes. How to go about that? Here is a step by step

Step 1: Open the Camera Roll after selecting the photos icon on the springboard.

Step 2: Select the small arrow on the top right hand corner of your screen.

Step 3: It will let you select all the images you want. If you want to mail the pictures, you can at most select 5 images.

Step 4: Once you are done selecting the images, click on the share button at the bottom left of the screen, and select the option to E-Mail.

Step 5: Now the mail app would open with the account you have configured already. Enter the email id of the account you wish to send the mail to with subject and other credentials and mail the images. You will also be asked the various sizes that you can send the mail in which would determine the resolution of the images. This is entirely your personal preference and depends on how the images would be used further on.

We hope this tutorial helps you save time from mailing all the images individually and make your work more efficient. For any queries and comments feel free to write in the section below.


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