How To Set Up Stronger Passcode On Your iPhone

Smart phones today are a house of lots of personal data. We literally dread the moment when anybody apart from us has our device. From pictures, to messages to videos, there is a lot of personal information in there. So the security of the iPhone becomes of paramount importance. And to ensure that, we all set up the 4 digit passcode lock on our iPhone which is a combination of 4 numbers so that nobody could enter our devices without us granting an access to it. However, what if those 4 digits are not enough and you want a stronger password for your iPhone?


If you have lot of data in your phone that you do not want an unwanted person to set his eyes upon, then setting up a strong password is a must. To do this, simply follow these steps:

1) Enter settings of your iPhone by clicking on the settings tab.
2) Go to General.
3) In General click on Passcode. The device will ask for your current passcode, so enter it to get to the next screen.
4) In the Passcode lock screen, look at the fourth option from top called, simple passcode and turn that off. The device would again ask for your old passcode so enter that.
5) Once you are done with that, a new screen pops up which prompts you to enter a new passcode. Now you can see here that instead of old only numerical options, you get a full QWERTY keyad in front of you. You can select a string of alphabets to be your new password.
6) To make the password even more stringent and difficult to break through, we recommend you to use special characters even in letters. Some of the letters such as O or even A have different variants in languages such as German or Spanish. You can use them too by simply long pressing the alphabet. This stronger passcode would make your device a lot more secure.

So we hope that with this little tutorial you have been able to setp a stronger passcode on your iPhone and your data stays secure. You can write your comments in the section below or Tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

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