How to Set Your Window Explorer to Open Folder of Your Choice

On Windows 7, do you see  Windows Explorer icon on the taskbar? As you may know, this icon is meant to open the Libraries folder on Windows. But seriously, how often do you use that folder? I don’t. You can now set that icon to open a folder of your choice. This involves a little bit of tweaking so read carefully and follow each step:

1. First, open Windows Explorer and go to the location which you want to set as the default location to be opened from the taskbar icon. Copy this address to a notepad file temporarily.

copy link

2. Now, right click on the Windows Explorer icon on your taskbar. Then, right click on the Windows Explorer option under that menu and click on “Properties”.

win explore options'

3. In properties, under the Shortcut panel, you will see a tab called “Target”. Here, you will see a location “%windlr%\explorer.exe”. Next to this text, leave a space and type in /e,(including the comma) followed by the directory that you copied to the notepad.

win explorewin explorer

Then click OK.

You will then be able to open the folder of your choice directly from the Windows Taskbar from now on.

Hope this was helpful for you guys. If there are any queries, you can always leave them in the comments.

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