How to Setup Chrome OS Laptop First Time

Google is offering Chrome OS notebook for the beta testers. If you are one of the lucky one who gets Cr-48 notebook to test drive then here are the steps you need to perform to run it first time. Check them out.


1. You can’t run it without internet connection therefore make sure that you have a proper Wi-fi or LAN internet connection available.

2. You must have Google account. If you don’t have any then sign up here.

3. Now insert the battery on the back of your notebook. Insert the charging cable and switch on the power supply. Make sure the orange light appears next to the port

4. Hit the power button.

5. Within seconds, a screen “Let’s get started” will appear.


6. Select your language.

7. Select your network. All the available Wi-fi spots will be shown in the drop down. Here is one turn off of this OS, if you are having an internet connection that needs web based authentication or security certificates then it is not possible to connect to a network. After selecting the wired or wireless network, click “Continue”.

8 Check terms and services page and click “Accept and continue”.

9. In “Sign in with your Google Account” box, enter your Google username and password. You can also skip the sign in process by click on “Skip sign in and browse as Guest”.

10 In the next step, you have to take your snapshot that has to appear as your account picture in the sign in page.

That’s it. You’ll get a Chrome browser to start with the browsing session. You can make use of Chrome web apps to maximize your computing experience.

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  1. i cannot configure a wifi connection for my google laptop there are some available but they ask for a password I see that you can select an alternative wifi connection i was hoping you might have a suggestion oh and i live in the 95380 of turlock california

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