How To Share Google Reader Feeds on Twitter, Facebook and Other Social Media Sites

If you are someone who loves to read feeds in Google reader then you don’t need to migrate to other sites to share articles on Twitter, Facebook, Orkut or other social networking and social media sites. Google reader provides nice “send to” feature by which you can quickly send articles to your Twitter and other stream. Here’s a method to activate it.

1. Login to Google reader.

2. On the top right, click on Settings –> Reader settings.


3. In Google reader settings, click on the “Send To” tab. You’ll find various service and boxes next to them. Click on the boxes next to the service name on which you want to share the reader articles.


4 Now go back to the Google reader. Open the post to read. Below the post, you’ll find the “Send to” dropdown. Click on it and then click on “Twitter”.


After clicking on Twitter button, it will redirect to your Twitter account. Click the tweet button to tweet the post.


That’s how you can tweet any post easily and quickly within the Google reader interface. Do you know any other trick to tweet the posts? Share it in the comments.

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  1. The “Send to ” feature is a real timesaver because I frequently email articles to my email account which I want to research later. I have created a label and a filter to automatically archive those articles.

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