How To Share Your Current Location via iMessage from iPhone

One of the best things with smart phones today is that they can double up as multiple devices. A map, a music player, a camera, or even radio in some cases. An iPhone is perhaps the most famous of these smart phones and it definitely does all these aforementioned tasks very efficiently. Apple did screw up with their Maps app, but ground reality is that, it still works. So imagine, in case you are at a place and want to share the location with your friends via iMessage, then how do you go about it? Here is a simple tutorial to help you go about it.

Step 1) Open the Apple Maps application, yes, we know you like Google Maps better, but let us put the faith in Apple’s product and fire it open.

Step 2) Make sure the location services are on and running on your device and Maps can access the location.

Step 3) Once you have your location locked in, drop the pin on the location.

Sharing_locations_via_iMessage 1

Step 4) Drop the pin on the current location by turning the page and clicking on ‘Drop Pin’.

Sharing_locations_via_iMessage 2

Step 5) Once you have dropped the pin, click on the Blue right arrow and it would open the Location tab.

Sharing_locations_via_iMessage 3

Step 6) There you can select ‘Share Location’ and click on message icon and send it like any normal iMessage.

That’s it, you are done and have shared your location successfully with your friends. It indeed is that simple. This is a very useful procedure especially in case you get stuck somewhere and need to tell your exact location to your friend.

We hope you found this tutorial useful, let us know in the section below.


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