How to Shoot the Perfect Selfie with an iPhone using your Earpods

It is a common notion that if you have any good taste in music, there is no way, you would use the earpods that come bundled with the iPhone right out of the box. They have low mids, and certainly bad bass. It is good for casual listening, but no more.

Apple earpods

So what else can your pair of earpods be used for so that you actually force yourself to unbox them or go back and find them, in case you haven’t used them in ages since opening your iPhone? Yes, they can be used to click a mean selfie where you do not look silly holding your phone against the mirror. How can that be done? Here is an interesting video shot by iMore which certainly shows the right way of clicking a selfie with your beloved iPhone:

The process basically involves you hooking your iPhone with a stand and inserting the earpods. You then go ahead and perfectly position your phone to get the portrait you want to take, once done you fire the shutter using the volume up button on your earpod which basically mimics the function of the volume up button on the device.

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