How To Shorten URL Of Google Maps With Native URL Shortener

Google Maps URLs are insanely long because there are lot of parameters involved in it. Now URL shortening feature rolled out in Google map. So, it is easier to share maps with your friends on Twitter, on your blog or a banner.

URL shortening is very fast and descriptive because it uses URL shortener service and it includes “” and “maps” in the link. For example

To activate this feature, click on the labs icon given at the top right of the maps interface.


Now, enable the Short URL maps labs feature and click on “Save changes” button given at the bottom.


Go to Google maps, search for your location. Now, click on the “Link” given on the right side.


It will shorten your URL. Copy it to clipboard and paste it anywhere you want. shortened-URL

Do you know about recently added 45-degrees feature. If not, try it and shorten the URL and share it with others. One more reason to have fun with Google maps.

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