How To Solve Hard Drive Partition Missing Problem In Windows 7

Today I installed Windows 7 on my PC and made it dual boot (Windows Vista already installed on my PC). One strange problem I faced was the drive having all my important documents was missing from my computer. After wasting some time I found the solution of the problem. I want to share the solution with you all. Here’s it.

1. Click on Start button. Right click on Computer and select “Manage”.


2. Computer management window will open. On the left pane, you’ll see Disk management, click on it. You’ll see all the disk partitions on the right pane. You’ll see the drive letter missing (shown by arrow in the below screenshot).


3. Right click on the missing drive letter partition and select “Change Drive Letters and Paths”.


4.A small windows will appear. Click on “Add” button to add the drive letter.


5. Now click on the dot next to “Assign the following drive letter” and then select the drive letter from the drop down given at right. Click “OK” button.


That’s it. Go to Windows explorer (“Win+E”) and you’ll find that the missing drive appear again. Enjoy.

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