How to Speed Up Your Firefox Browser

Firefox is a nice browser but it is no doubt slower than its competitor Google Chrome browser. Now if you want to make your Firefox faster then you have to perform some change in the settings of your browser. First you have to reduce the cache memory store so that Firefox can store less amount of data in it. Also you can use  compression software known as Ultimate packer for executables (UPX) to compress the DLL files of Firefox so that it will load faster. This article will show you how you can perform these tasks.

Note: After performing these steps, it is not guaranteed that you’ll get Chrome like speedy interface in Firefox. But still I am a big fan of Firefox because it doesn’t crash time to time as Chrome.

How to reduce cache store of Firefox browser

You have to change the cache memory limit of your browser. Go to Tools –> Options.


Click on Advanced tab. Change the offline Storage cache value to 20 MB (the default value is 50 MB). Don’t forget to clear the cache value time to time. You can also extract videos, audios, images from cache before deleting it.


How to use UPX to improve load time of Firefox

First go to Sourceforge website and download the software.

Extract the downloaded folder to your computer. Now copy the upx.exe file inside Mozilla Firefox folder present inside Program files folder of your C drive.

If Firefox is running on your computer then close it.

Now click on “Start” button and type cmd in the search box. Press Enter.


In the command prompt first you have to change the path. For changing the path you have to use cd.. and cd commands (check the screenshot given below). Now type the following command %v in (*.exe *.dll components\*.dll plugins\*.dll) do upx “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\%v”


Execute the program by pressing Enter. It will compress the Firefox executer. After completing the process open your Firefox browser. You’ll notice the change in load time of your browser. If you want to reverse the process then simply execute the following command for %v in (*.exe *.dll components\*.dll plugins\*.dll) do upx –d “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\%v”

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  1. For bloggers its not good because clearing all the cache is not good as when we do comments on others blogs again we’ve to fill up the required fields and this may consume lots of times of yours. so its better not clear it off for me cache size is 500MB what about yours??

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