How To Spot A Fake Galaxy SIII?

Samsung Galaxy SIII is without any shadow of the doubt the most popular smart phone on the planet. It has even managed to eclipse the iPhone 5 as the most in demand device out there. After the initial hoorah around the iPhone 5, a lot of people have come to terms with the fact that SIII is just as if not more resourceful and offers a lot of good things which are unique to the device in itself. However, when a device is so popular there are always a few people who come up with a fake model of the device. And the reports of Fake Galaxy SIII are seeing a rapid increase over the last couple of days. These fake devices are not like one of those Chinese rip offs of the iPhone that you can clearly make out the difference from.

There are very subtle things that can actually help you to differentiate a rip off from an original SIII. Check out for the following things:

1) Make sure the battery is original. A lot of Rip off’s have a battery which has ‘Sasmung’ writen instead of Samsung.

2) Out of box if your phone has applications such as Super User or CWM, then there are chances the device is rooted and is some sort of a fake model.

3) The Box may have suspicious IMEI.

4) There may be some sort of off coloring in what is supposed to be a unified colored body of the SIII. Look out for odd tinges of Green or Blue.

5) The phone speakers may produce crackling sounds just before the play of any media.

6) Samsung Logo on top of the device may be in the form of raised paint and not flushed in the body.

It is actually pretty difficult to decipher these fake devices from the real ones as even the box they come packaged are pretty much ditto same. However, little observations can really help your case. You must check out this video by Jon Rettinger to know more effective ways for knowing if you have been fooled into a fake SIII.


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